Укажите верный вариант.
А. Where is the book I bought it last week?
Б. The man I was talking with him is my uncle.
В. My sister, who is 10 years old, is called Betty.
Г. London, that is a big city, is a capital of England.
I know a boy _________ mother is a builder.
А. who;
Б. which;
В. whose;
Г. that.
Укажите верный вариант
А. Have you never spoken to Jim about your plans yet?
Б. He is going playing tennis now.
В. Peter has broke his leg yesterday.
Г. Tom won’t have time to go shopping tomorrow.
Укажите неверный вариант.
А. Do you go often to the cinema at the weekend?
Б. Sharon never drinks coffee.
В. Jim is always on time for work.
Г. I never take sugar in my tea.
Tom ________ to New York on Friday. He has already bought a ticket.
А. is flying;
Б. is going to fly;
В. flies;
Г. will fly.
“When ________ (Jack / ask) you to marry him?” “Two month ago.”
А. Jack asked;
Б. has Jack asked;
В. asked Jack;
Г. did Jack ask.
If you eat _________ chocolate, you’ll get fat.
А. too much;
Б. a few;
В. too many;
Г. very little.
John _______ in the town centre and walks to work.
А. lives;
Б. lived;
В. has lived;
Г. had lived.
Grandmother _______ us in our new house yet.
А. didn’t visit;
Б. hasn’t visited;
В. doesn’t visit;
Г. isn’t visited.
She is _______ young to go out alone.
А. little;
Б. enough;
В. too;
Г. much.
Your desk is untidy. There are papers ___________.
А. everyone;
Б. everything;
В. everywhere;
Г. everybody.
Укажите верный вариант.
А. What car is yours? The Fiat or the Opel?
Б. Where did you go yesterday?
В. How many money did you pay?
Г. What time you are flying tomorrow?
Укажите верный вариант.
А. He can play football when he was young.
Б. He was played football when he was young.
В. He could play football when he was young.
Г. He has playing football when he was young.
Какой частью речи является выделенное слово? The film was sad.
А. adjective;
Б. verb;
В. adverb;
Г. noun.
That’s Mary’s coat, _______________?
А. does it;
Б. isn’t it;
В. don’t it;
Г. isn’t Mary.

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