Откройте скобки, используя нужную форму причастия :
1. It was a bright Sunday morning of early summer (promise) heat.
2. He speaks like a man (take) his opinion of everything.
3.(Not know) that she could trust them she did not know what to do.
4. When I came home, I found the table (lay)
5. (Judge) by the color of the sun it should be windy tomorrow.
6. (Arrive) at a big seaport, I started to look for a job.
7. The boy came out of the water (shake) from top to toe.
8. (Support) her by the arm he helped her out of the taxi.
9. The story (tell) by the old capitan made the young girl cry.
10. He did not doubt that the information (receive) by morning mail was of great interest for his competitors.

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