-выпишите глаголы и определите их время;
-задайте к тексту 5 вопросов различных коммуникативных типов.
I’d like to tell you some words about my friend. First of all, let me introduce her to you. Her name is Jane. She lives not far from me and we often see each other. Her relatives and parents are very kind to me, and I often visit their house, as well as she frequently visits mine. We have very much in common, though at first sight she seems to be quite another person. But maybe I’ll tell you everything in succession. She is a student too. She is my classmate, more of it, we occupy the same desk.
To begin with, I’d tell you some words about her appearance. She has an open face with high forehead. The features of her face are thin and mild. She has straight silky-black hair. Though she told me once that when she was a child her hair was curly, so maybe it’s gone as the years went by.
Now maybe some words about the traits of her character? She is a serious girl, clever and generous teenager. Among all of my friends she is the most respected. In fact she is easy to go along. She enjoys the company of other teenagers and likes to hang around together in the neighborhood. But of course it happens from time to time, as she keeps studying hard, and she is especially good at English, Russian Literature, History.

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